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Bathmate Day 10: Uhhh… Why is it Swelling?

It’s day 10 of using the Bathmate in my 30 day challenge. This challenge exists because I’m trying to see for myself if this tool actually works in enlarging peoples’ dingdongs. In my preliminary testing I noticed that it does provide firmer, harder erections after use (not immediately after, but a day or two afterwards), as well as a larger head. Everyone claims it grows the penis, permanently, so here I am at day 10 of putting my wiener in a giant vacuum to see for myself… although… I did skip a few days for a couple of reasons…

My DingDong Looked Like a Giant B-Sting

Yes, you read correctly, but first, here’s the recap of days 4 – 10.  You’ll find something unusual happened on day 7.

  • Day 4 – Reached 130!! Held for 5 minutes, then dropped back to 120.
  • Day 5 – Got up to 140! Held for about 3 minutes, then dropped down to 130 for the rest.  When I got out of the tub my dingdong looked scary… and then mutant horror scary. Read more on that below.
  • Day 6-8 – I was kinda scared to put my unit back in the tube, so I took some days off.  I did however measure myself, and found my erection had grown nearly a quarter of an inch in length… seriously.
  • Day 9 – After I measured myself I was excited, so it was time to get back in the tube.  Held out 120-130 intermittently for 20 minutes.  Noticed some spots (blood from burst blood vessels called hematomas) all over my shlong.  It’s normal and to be expected, especially after the torture I put it through on day 5.
  • Day 10 – Held 130 for 20 minutes.  I expect I’ll be getting back up to 140 over the next week.  I don’t want to be too aggressive, which a lot of beginners tend to do.


My Scary Day 5

So, after going strong for 4 days I felt ready to go.  Oddly enough I was able to surpass the 120 mark pretty easily, and comfortably sit at 130.  I guess I got it in my head that maybe I should push myself while the going is good, so I pumped on to 140.  Wow! I made it!  Really feeling the suction now, but no pain in my testis or anything, just pure shaft suction, so all was good.  I held it for about 3 minutes, which was when my little guy started crying out to be let free from the vacuum of space.  I depressed back down to 130 for the remaining 5 minutes or so, and finished the session.

When I got out of the tub, I dried off. As I kept checking on my mate I realized more and more blood was pooling into it. It was literally just hanging there like a dead weight, getting heavier and heavier. Soon it had become bright red, and my foreskin… well my foreskin looked like it had just been stung by a thousand bees (well, maybe not that bad). A good inch section of my skin was bulbous with bright red blood. It was so see-through I felt like I was looking through stained glass. Needless to say I was pretty worried. Had I overdone it? Was my wiener going to die and fall off soon? Maybe explode????

I was worried. It took an hour to go down.

My Thoughts on My Quarter Inch in Length Growth

I measured during the days I was using the Bathmate. My flaccid size increased about 3/4 of an inch, and remained that way for 12 hours or so. My erections, after day 3 were softer, which I akin to the softening of tissue through the pressure of the vacuum. I kind of expected this would happen. So just so you know, if you use this aggressively (high pressure) every day for the purpose of growing your penis, then don’t expect rock hard erections after a couple of days. Your penis is taking a beating. Give it a couple of days and you will see the results you want. During the days I was using the Bathmate my penis was pretty much the same size in length. The head was fatter, but like I said everything was pretty soft…. that is, until after I took a 3 day break. I feel the 3 day break I took allowed my penis to heal, tissues to return to normal — BUT my new normal was now a quarter of an inch longer! For that reason I believe that breaks are critical if you want to see the results of your pumping efforts.

Are These Results Permanent?

This is the next test. After I have worn the Bathmate for 30 days I will take my final measurement, and take a 2 week break. After the break I will remeasure to see if the results are permanent. However, even if they are not… I will still be happy that a tool exists like this that can grow my erection by a quarter of an inch so fast… now, whether I will keep growing is another story

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by Pumpy

Pumpy D is a busy Troglodyte who enjoys spending time taming Mammoths instead of slaving away trying to make his club bigger. He is the soon-to-be author of the Ultimate Guide to Jelqing, as Explained by a Cucumber and founder of, named the #1 Penis Pump Website on all the interwebs by All Caveman Talk. As Pumpy D says, "Ha-ap-py Pum-ping!"

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  1. So what were ur results after the 30 days and the 2 week rest?

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for the question.

      I ended up returning to normal size. Not too surprised though, and at least now I know for certain that 30 days is not enough for long term results. Just to be sure for myself I ended up testing it twice. I did another 30 days on and a couple weeks off and again I reverted back to normal.

  2. So how has this turned out for you? What happened at the end of the 30 day challenge? I hear you can get some odd discoloration from using this, has this happened to you?

    1. Thanks for the question Jack,

      Wow, sorry for the long delay in replying! To be honest I wasn’t to sure if I’d keep up with this project since I wasn’t seeing the results everyone else proclaims.

      I’ll go ahead and fill you in on what’s been going on this past year:

      It has been a little over a year since I wrote this Day 10 post, and my results are a flaky .5 inch total growth in length and width. I say flaky because the .5 inch growth only shows on my ‘good’ days.

      More and more I’m seeing that the penis is a fickle thing to measure, as so many day-to-day factors affect it such as stress and diet, temperature. It’s crazy.

      To answer your question, you should know that after using it for a year I have seen some definite changes in my manhood. Veins bulge out, my head is larger and slightly pointier at the end, and the shaft is more uniformly round.

      Those are the positives, the negatives are that I do have some horizontal line stretch marks on my skin. I have foreskin so this might be an exclusive issue only someone like me would experience. The stretch marks are more towards the top of my foreskin, where blood pools as more blood is forced upwards to the head of the penis. The stretch marks are not discolored, but the skin at the base of my shaft where the Bathmate suctions is darker. I expect its because there is tremendous tension there.

      Here’s some good news:

      I have gone a couple weeks without using it and still saw my near .5 inch gain. This was after 4 months use, 5-7 days a week, 10-20 mins a day. All while pumping at a lower pressure with 30 second breaks every 2 mins or so. I do a lower pressure because higher pressures stretch my foreskin and literally engourges it with blood, making it look like the transparent swollen bee sting I talked about above.

      Will I keep pumping?

      I still plan on keeping at it, though I am disappointed I’m not seeing the massive gains everyone else talks about on forums, although, it’s probably because I don’t use it as religiously as others do.

      I like to think it’s because I’m thinking more about my long term health. The last thing I want is my wiener to stop working 10 years from now because I damaged it by over pumping. Sooooo, the plan is to go slow.

  3. The last thing I want is discoloration or odd, uneven areas. A natural cock is smooth, not swollen and bumpy.

  4. Would love all updates

  5. i have been using my bm for a couple of weeks and the only that happens it swells up and don’t notices that it get bigger. there are also blood spots on my penis and I am only going up until 180 for 10- 15 mins. Why is it not getting bigger and longer


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