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Common & Not-So-Common Penis Pump Injuries

After waiting patiently for the arrival of a penis pump, many consumers are ready to take it out of the box and try it out. Before it is used, individuals should always carefully read the directions. Improper usage of this device can cause hematomas, squishy erections and skin discoloration. The penis is a sensitive body organ and can be damaged by overzealous pumping. Users should be careful and call their doctor if they experience any injuries or side effects.

Common Short Term Side Effects

In the short term, it is common for users to develop temporary swelling or squishy erections. Small hematomas may form during usage of the penis pump. A hematoma is commonly known as a bruise. It is created when the tissues of the body are put under strain or pressure. Blood rises to the surface of the skin and takes on a purplish hue. For most people, the hematoma will leave on its own within a few days. If any of these symptoms last for more than a few weeks, the individual should consult a doctor. For short term use, these three side effects are quite common.

The extent of the damage depends on the location of the hematoma. The head of the penis is more sensitive, so small blood vessels are more likely to burst. On the shaft, the skin is thicker and less prone to bruising. If a bruise develops in this location, it is a sign that the user is applying too much vacuum pressure.

Common Injuries

Around the penile glands, the skin is notably delicate. During pumping, it can suffer injuries like bruises or blisters. Like a normal blister, fluid will develop in a bubble under the skin. The biggest issue with a blister is that it can be eXtremely painful when friction is added. Sexual intercourse or continued pumping can heighten the pain and potentially pop the blister.

While penis pumps are known for swelling the penis with blood, they will also draw lymphatic fluid into the penis. This liquid looks like the same water-like substance that is found within a blister. In the normal human body, it is a component of the immune system. When it is present in the penile head, it produces swelling that looks like the donut. Nicknamed “the donut effect”, this side effect makes the skin puff out around the head. Although this is mostly a harmless swelling, it can be a precursor to other problems.

If the lymphatic fluid is not massaged away, it can end up accumulating in the penile shaft. Over time, this can become severe. It can make the penis feel sponge-like when erect and can cause problems with the urethra. If the lymphatic fluid builds up enough, it can place pressure on the urethra and cause it to clamp shut. This makes it difficult for men to urinate and can cause urine to exit the body in a spray.

Lucky, lymphatic fluid builds up slowly and is reversible. If symptoms of a lymphatic fluid buildup are present, men can abstain from using their penis pump and wait a couple of weeks for the symptoms to go away. After a few weeks have passed, they should not have any more problems.

Other typical common injuries include temporary numbness. For a short period of time after the pump is used, the individual may feel pain. The penis pump can also cause bruising in the pelvic area where the pump meets the penis.

Lowered Erection Frequency and Quality

Lymphatic fluid is not the only thing that can effect an erection. Penis pumps can also cut off the flow of new oxygenated blood to tissues within the penis. Overtime, this can cause progressive nerve and vascular damage. The continued damage to the nerves and vascular tissue can lower the quality of an erection.

Likewise, penis pumps are known for their ability to lower the sensitivity of the penis. In the short term, men may view this as a positive side effect since it delays ejaculation. Over a longer period of time, it could be the sign of nerve damage. Long term penis pump users have reported problems with maintaining a rigid erection. The ongoing nerve and tissue damage can also make erections less frequent and more difficult to achieve.

Serious Side Effects

For most of the injuries above, the duration of side effects is temporary. There are a few symptoms that can be serious and difficult to cure. Penis pump users may notice deterioration in their erectile function or damage to major blood vessels.

Blood vessel damage can be serious and potentially life threatening. On airlines, a similar condition known as deep vein thrombosis can occur and cause fatalities. With the penis, a blood vessel is damaged and can block blood from circulating. If it remains in the same location, it can cause swelling or discoloration. When the damaged blood vessel and clot breaks away, it becomes an embolus. This clot can block the blood from circulating and cause the surrounding tissue to die off. It can also lead to a heart attack.

With a penis pump, a blood vessel can be damaged due to the enormous amounts of pressure placed on the penis. If the pressure occurs too quickly or if it is too eXtreme, the blood vessel can rupture. Even if it does not cause a serious injury, it will cause the individual to feel a great deal of pain, bruising and swelling.

The cavernous artery is the blood vein that supplies the erectile chambers. This artery is basically what causes an erection. If a rupture occurs in the cavernous artery, it can cause a medical condition known as non-ischemic priapism. Basically, blood escapes through the ruptured artery. It then pools within the erectile chambers and makes it impossible for the individual to have a full erection. Once this condition has occurred, it can take months for the non-ischemic priapism to completely heal. In some cases, the arterial wall may never fully recover.

When a rupture occurs in another blood vein, it can still cause significant problems. It may disrupt the delicate balance of blood circulating through the penis. This can also make it difficult for someone to have ideal erections.

For the man involved, the worst case scenario may be a penile fracture. The penis contains a sheath of tissue known as a tunica albuginea wrapped around the erectile chambers. If it is put under too much pressure, the tissue will rip and the individual has a penile fracture. This condition can be terrifying since the tunica albuginea is vital for the penis to function properly. It is basically like a bike tire. If the tire is ripped, it will not become hard enough to work properly.

When a penile fracture is serious, it may require surgery to heal completely. If surgery is not started, the penis can be massively distorted and take on a different appearance. It may be more difficult to have an erection and function poorly. Most likely, the penile fracture will cause significant amounts of pain. With surgery, the tissue can be fixed. The patient will not be able to have sexual intercourse for several months and may have a permanently shorter penis. Erections may also be asymmetrical.

Serious side effects may include impotence caused by nerve damage. In addition, nerve damage can also make the penis feel numb and insensitive to normally pleasurable feelings. In some cases, it may also result in pain during intercourse.

Long Term Side Effects

Many of the serious side effects listed can last for a long time period. Tissue or nerve damage can be ongoing problems for months or years. In addition to these serious side effects, penis pump users may deal with some long term cosmetic problems.

One of the main cosmetic changes with the penis is skin discoloration. During a pumping session, users should keep an eye on what they are doing. If they notice that the skin is darkening, the penis pump should be removed and the penis should be given a rest. Long term skin discoloration is caused by cyanosis. This is basically when the tissues within the penis are slowly starved of oxygen. When a penis pump is used, blood is trapped within the organ. Since this blood remains within the penis, fresh oxygenated blood cannot reach the tissue. The trapped blood will slowly deoxygenate. As it does this, it will lose the vibrant red color and become dark blue. This causes the penis to take on a blue hue. Since deoxygenated blood can result in tissue and nerve damage, users should be careful about how long they use their pump. With extended use, penis pumps may also cause stretch marks to appear that do not go away.

So… you probably are scared to use a pump by now, but let me elaborate why you don’t have to be. See, these are preventable injuries. Having the right knowledge to avoid them is the first step –avoiding ridiculous, purple pecker turning yankjob routines uninformed people post on forums is the second. Sure, they may get ISNANE results with their daily 6 hour pumping regimen –but at what cost? What good will it do if down the road you can’t get it up? Or it hurts to get up? There’s a smarter way to go about pumping, and that’s the low-n-slow approach. You can also heed the advice below.

Preventing Injuries and Side Effects

Although injuries can occur, users can take preventative measures. Like any medical advice, individuals should carefully read the instructions that come with their penis pump. These instructions should be followed in detail and the penis pump should not be used more often than is recommended.

Another thing you should know is not all pumps are created equal. Conventional air pumps, while still widely used today fall short of hydro pumps. Hydro pumps like the bathmate provide a balanced, forgiving vacuum, thanks to the therapeutic aspects of warm water. Because of its viscocity, water will provice even pressure across all parts of your penis, including the less tensil part -the glans.
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That’s smart.

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by Pumpy

Pumpy D is a busy Troglodyte who enjoys spending time taming Mammoths instead of slaving away trying to make his club bigger. He is the soon-to-be author of the Ultimate Guide to Jelqing, as Explained by a Cucumber and founder of, named the #1 Penis Pump Website on all the interwebs by All Caveman Talk. As Pumpy D says, "Ha-ap-py Pum-ping!"

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  1. So after overdoing it for a couple weeks after just starting, I have noticed some ED problems that have freaked me out. I have not really noticed any real damage. I have minor soreness and maybe slight discoloration (not really sure) 4 days after my last usage, but is there any reason to think I could have already gotten long term problems without noticing something painful or clearly wrong visibly?

    1. The most important signs to pay attention to is sensetivity and discoloration. I know a lot of people in male enhancement say discoloration is normal… but to me that’s insane. It’s a sign of cell death, and repeated trauma like that can have lasting effects which usually is represented as sensitivity loss later on in life.

      You’re only a couple weeks in, so the good news is you likely aren’t in any immediate danger of long-term damage. However, there are attention-worthy signs. Tingling is the biggest sign that the nerve has been dealt damage, but in the case of pumps it would take serious misuse of one to do that. How have you been using your pump? How long do you use it at a time?

      The first sign of oxygen deprivation is the purpling of the glans. Most see it after using a pump at too high of pressure for too long. Soreness is definitely a sign of reaching too high, and in any case I’ve found it better to use the pump daily for a shorter period of time at intermittent pressures (to draw in new blood), building up to a reasonable max pressure, then holding it and calling it quits for the day. Consistent use for me has kept my results. Soreness on the otherhand makes it hard to keep up to a regimen. It was almost like I was starting from 0 when I took a week off. That’s me, others might have different experiences.

      I’ve been where you are after over-pumping, worried about long term damage. It’s scary, but if you go slow and allow yourself to build up to higher pressure through intermittent pumping then you will have a better time. After-all, the only thing worse than not being the size you’d like is being impotent!

      I’m sure you didn’t do any long term damage, but it’s good you came here and did some research. It’s better to have concern than to blindly continue pumping at sprinters pace like most first-timers do. All it takes is one horrific experience to realize you might be over doing it

  2. I am really freaking out. Is nerve damage from oxygen deprivation permanent?

    1. There are some new studies that say some cases of nerve damage have been reversed, but in what I’ve read prolonged oxygen deprivation leads to irreversible nerve damage. The key word is ‘prolonged’. Just pay attention to those key signs.

      If you want, here’s more bits on hypoxia you might be interested in reading.

      Just to ease your fears a bit -pumping compared to other methods is still the safest option out there. It is doctor recommended and when done correctly WILL result in a fuller erection. No doubt about it!

  3. Hi! I m really worried after red your post,
    I got a discoloration one year ago from a long period of pump overworking
    now i am on a lighter regimen: 1 on 2 off or 1 on 1 off
    jelq 10 min pump 15 min clamp 5 min, it works good
    i have no problem but my shaft is almost totaly discolorated…i hate this
    it looks bad,
    Now i have decided to totally rest no sex no masturbation for one weeck
    applying a cream against skin discoloration
    Do u think it can heal?

    1. you could try lemon juice or lemon oil. Out of curiosity I gave it a tryto see if it works, and had some success with lemon oil but to be honest that stuff is crazy potent, and it’s hard to find food grade quality which is what you would need since it’d be going on skin. The lemon juice has worked somewhat for me, not as well as the lemon oil, but if you can find food grade oil then you might want to give it a try. Just be sure to dilute 6 drops in a about 100 ml of jojoba oil. Test a micro amount of the diluted solution on your skin first. It really doesn’t take much.

      Lemon has a high concentration of citric acid, which will break down the outermost discolored layer of skin. It tingles. It really burns if you put too much on.

      Lemon juice could also be added to your Bathmate, giving you an easy way to treat discoloration while maintaining your pumping routine. I wrote about that here

  4. Hey Pumpy D so I got my bathmate about 3 months ago and started using it everyday for 15 minutes and went in every time with a full erection. And of course, I started to feel pain so I stopped for a few weeks until I felt all better and just recently started up again. I’m going much slower this time and will slowly but surely build my time duration up. One thing I noticed that happens every time is that at the base of my head wear it connect to my shaft, there’s this purple bruising like a ring. I wanted to see what you suggested I do and also what you think it might be. Thank you man.

    1. Adding short breaks to your routine should do the trick. Releasing the pressure for 15 seconds and then pumping back up is a great way to bring fresh blood back in. You don’t have to release the pressure entirely, just enough to replenish supply.

      That purple ring is common when using a pump fully erect. I saw it alot when I started, but also because I was overpumping and using it too long. You can minimize it by taking those short breaks. You could try taking a 10-15 second break every 2 minutes, which seems like a lot but it’s worth it in the long run if it saves you from any potential long term damage.

      I should also note I no longer use it erect. I stopped doing that about 3-4 months ago. By adding magnesium chloride to the water I’ve been able to reach the same pressures I could when erect. I also see less hematomas and no purple ring. I use a wrap to get a comfortable seal while flaccid and also take a 10-15 second break every 1-2 mins as needed. It’s really about watching the color, but the mag-chloride helps improve circulation, so I haven’t had to worry about is as much.

      It was a good idea to take a break once you noticed the pain, and also a good sign it cleared after a short time. Cold sensation, no sensation, or tingly sensation is no good.

      The breaks should be thought of in the same sense athletes do of 30 second breaks between lifting -a necessary addition for maximum growth.

      If you want to minimize injury even more you can try about 1/5 cup of magnesium chloride (I tried these, they are potent so you might need to use even less if you experience sensetivity) flakes in the water. I’ve been experimenting with it for half a year now and have seen a drop in hemotomas and water retention. I’m certain it’s because magnesium relaxes blood vessels even more, allowing for better circulation and safer expansion without bursting, which is basically what those small hemotomas are. It may not be what you are looking for, but I find it helps all around. Skin is thin there so absorption happens faster.

      I’m re-reading my reply and seeing that it is all over the place! Hope it still answered your question.

      1. Ok great thank you! Ya I didn’t think about the fact that pumping it all the way and holding it for an entire 15 minutes would drain all of the oxygen out of the blood that’s trapped in my penis because of tbt erection. I think I’ll stop every 5 minutes and then repump so that new blood flow gets to it. Do you think that’s the reason it goes purple? The lack of oxygenated blood?

  5. i have been using a penis pump for about three weeks now i didnt see any side effects before but few days ago i noticed something like few red spots, i think i put to much presure. it went away but now i lost imporence. is it only temporary or wats goin on thx

    1. Hi Bart, those little red spots are mild hematomas, but they are expected to happen at some point during a regular pumping routine.

      They happen the most when there isn’t enough of a warm up, so if you see them more frequently then the solution is to add a longer warmup time where you gradually build up pressure.

      Are you saying you cannot get an erection now? That’s something that doesn’t happen out of the blue that fast. Now, there are guys that go for extended periods of time, 40 minutes or more, and expect to get a rock hard erection afterwards -which is like trying to get a soggy log hard and dry again -it just doesn’t happen. If you want the immediate size boost with a hard erection I’d recommend 10 minutes. It doesn’t take long to pull in extra blood, but also doesn’t take long for the vacuum pressure to force water into penile tissue causing squishy bloat.

      Thanks for the question. Hope that helps ya.

      1. yes, i cant get a normal erection now its been more the one week and its stiil the same, after each pomping i used to wear than ring that holds blood inside the penis for about 25 min, i used pump 5 times a week for 20 min of pumping, i am not sure if i had discoloration or not but for sure i dint have tingling. today i had morning erection but it went away fast after i woke up its kind a wird wats goin on, is my nerve and blood vessels damaged ? never had any bruis after using pump

        1. If you had morning erection you are golden. Your body is doing it’s diagnostic check, like it does for all of us men, and since you got an erection, you passed!

          Maybe this is something psychological?

  6. I’m researching this before I attempt anything. The main reason I am interested is this. While in a non-erect state I have a very small penis but 3 inches long and 4 inches round however when erect I am 8-1/2″ long by 12″ round. If using a pump will this if done properly increase the non-erect state of my penis. If you could email me any answers I would greatly appreciate it thanks

    1. The goliath is the only shot you got… but at that girth.. why bother? You might as well do her a favor right?

  7. Hey pumpy d so I got my bathmate X 30 yesterday and was so excited to use it I used it right away I used it and I had no idea of these signs after abought 15 mins I got a darker completion didn’t think Nothin abought it and dumb ass me I used it for 15 more minutes I released the pressure I got it off my dick and was horrified I had the donut effect the worst I’ve ever seen it so very bad and the swelling went down the donut parts were the back on the left the most on the right a little in the front bearly any but that’s not why I’m here it went down in abought 12 to 24 hours wasn’t really keeping track but I’m very worried I have no Idea if it will fix itself or what my penile raphe is completely at a 90 degree angle it goes up my penis and when I hit my for skin boom it goes to the right twords my corona and when it gets to the middle it finishes it’s way up will my raphe go back to normal I mean I’m kind of sad I lived the look of my penis I just wanted to be bigger I didn’t think any of this would happen so if u could help me let me know if it will go back to normal or whatever u know I appreciate it so much thank u hopefully I’ll here from ya soon thanks again!

    1. It’s scary when it first happens to ya isn’t it?

      When I first started the same thing happened to me and it was so waterlogged it took a good 6 hours to go down. Its unsightly thats for sure! Good news is it is temporary, and a common side effect from overpumping in a water vacuum.

      When using a hydro pump, as the pressure builds slowly the vacuum forces the penis’s tissue to expand, drawing blood into it as the penis finds equilibrium with the vacuum pressure. If you build up too much pressure too fast that pressure is exerted on the outer membrane of the penis, meaning the outermost skin takes it upon itself to expand to equalize pressure, and it does this by pulling in water. The result is a squishy, unsightly, yet temporary effect. Once you remove the vacuum your body will absorb that extra water the penis is holding, so rest assured it will go back to normal.

      People using air pumps experience something similar, except they get clear blisters, as the air vacuum draws water out of the penis through the skin rather than into it (when the pressure is too high).

      Since you have a foreskin you’ll have pay especially close attention to that effect, as the foreskin is arguably the most absorbent part of the male body.

      Happy pumping (that is if this little hiccup didn’t scare you away from it)

  8. I’ve been using a bathmate for close to year I recently stopped using it because I noticed purplish discoloration on the shaft no pain no problem gettin erections however it’s been 4 days and still some discoloration should I get it checked out?

  9. I have a question I’m kinda worried but I use the bathmate hercules… i used it once and noticed I had a bruise on my foreskin… but I had no pain at all or discomfort or anything… the bruise went away within a couple of days and i waited a week to try it again… when i used it the second time right after use I stood in the hot/warm water and massaged my penis… the next day I had a very light bruise… should i discontinue use or will the bruising eventually stop? Pls comment back very interested to kno any feedback

    1. a real bruise takes a week to 2 weeks to heal. Do you know what a bruise looks like? It’s uncommon for ‘bruises’/discoloration to heal that short. Maybe you should get a physical. i don’t want to sound like an asshole, but if you have never seen a bruise, then you should get a physical.

      But then again maybe you could be superman, and your arch nemesis could be attacking you… I don’t know…

  10. It’s totally understandable why a guy can be concerned with the size of his tool, but men need to also spend an appropriate amount of time making sure their penises are in good condition. Using a nourishing penis health creme with shea butter and vitamin E can help.

  11. **No prior PE experience, but have researched and read forums for years**

    I’ve had my Bathmate for about 2 weeks. I have been doing 1 day on, 1 day off with no erection. The first 2 days of usage, I did (2) complete pumps and let it set for about 3 minutes then start again (the total workout time has been 8 minutes). After about 3 minutes, I was losing pressure (due to not shaving my pubic hairs, but have since fixed that). I do not have any problems keeping suction or pressure.

    Here is my dilema: the first week I had a slight ache in my shaft, glands and in my abdominal area, so I took 2 days off. When I started back the next day, I noticed that I can’t really keep it pumped up for more than a couple of minutes without it feeling uncomfortable.

    1.) Is this normal for a newbie? I can guarantee that I am not pumping ANYWHERE near what other first time users are doing. Do you think that I should just stick to a couple of minutes every other day for a few weeks until I get used to the pump?

    2.) Is any time of pain/aching normal in PE?

    3.) I received the Bathmate on 9/12/14 and have used it 5 times since then. I skipped today b/c I noticed it was a little difficult to get an erection this morning, but from what I can tell, I am still getting morning erections.

    I thought it would be good to start out flaccid and pump less time just so I could get used to it.


    Thanks again!

  12. So I had a few drinks n me n decided to go to my local adult store n purchased a pump, and now that I have read your article I know I over did it. My problem is my whole head is purple and when I look into my hole is looks like blood, but I’m not urinating any blood. But a small area (@ the size of a dime) around my hole is a really, really deep purple. Am I gonna be ok?? What should I do??

  13. Have a really deep purple area about the size of a dime around my hole n inside my hole looks like blood but I’m not urinating any blood n when wipe with t.p I don’t get any. Am I gonna be ok?? What should I do??

  14. Help! I used the Hercules a little to long the other day and a small hard lump appeared under the skin on r side of my ball sack. It is day three and its larger and itchy/painful and I’m concerned. It may be blood vessel but when will it go away or should it be lanced>? please explain….,ps.,..No bump on my testes just the sack :)

  15. Well so I’ve been pumping for a few months now with the Hydromax Xtreme X40 & everything was alright until I tried a 20 minute straight up routine fully erected, working the Max pressure of the pump right away using the hand ball. I’ve had water retention however it’s been going away, that being said It seems like a Vein is filled with water & it seems quite swollen compared to the rest nevertheless I feel no pain whatsoever. It’s been 1 week and 1/2. Any advice besides checking a Dr?

    1. Judging by what you’ve written, to me it sounds like lymphatic buildup. Lymphatic buildup tends to be squishy, thrombosed veins tend to be hard.

      You did go hard without a warmup it sounds like, so it could be either. Just check to see if the spot is hard or soft.

      Lymphatic buildup goes away. I once had one (not because of a pump) that took nearly 3 MONTHS to shrink. It’s definitely one of those life experiences that shows you there’s more to the body than and blood vessels and arm hair. I mean… who ever talks about the lymphatic system… and how it’s a network of vessels for transporting garbage juice our body doesn’t want anymore? Better yet, who ever mentions that that fluid can only circulate when we move? We have garbage juice sloshing around inside us, and now you some of it may have congregated in your penis. You can bet I was pretty concerned as to why a squishy ball had formed under a vein in my most prized appendage.

      And to help anyone else reading this –just remember that it is easy to get carried away with the Bathmate Xtreme because the hand ball makes it so freakishly easy to edge up pressure. Having that hand ball is very, very nice –yet it’s almost like having an awesome boob in your hand… that you can’t stop squeezing.

      Back to your problem.
      Might want to check these out: – swollen Vien in penis – penile thrombosis

  16. I have been using the Penomet for about two weeks. My penis is more darker than I remember it being. I am not expiercineing any pain or tingling. Am I pumping for to long of sessions and will my color come back eventually

    1. The darkening skin comes with the territory, but there are some products made to lighten sensitive skin –including penile. Some women use those products to turn their roast beef curtains into pink ham. ….Yep, that’s some contrasting imagery right there, but hopefully you get what I’m saying.

  17. Does anyone answer to this page anymore. I left a comment on this page yesterday and no response. I have been using the Penomet for about two weeks now. I am Caucasian and my penis is getting dark. Am I putting to much strain on it. Should I take a break from it and see if the color comes back. My penis is small and I have been trying to get something done. Has stopped me from having a s3x life.

  18. Heres a thought for anyone pumping. Considor getting injections of Platelet Rich Plasma in your penis. That causes healing factors to be released that helps with nerves and blood flow.


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