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An Embarrassing Tale of One Mans Bathmate Experience

When I first saw the Bathmate My curiosity was immediately sparked. I read through reviews & quickly placed an order. It seemed I had found something incredible…

However, I was vastly under prepared for what was to come.

It’s embarrassing to even admit, but my first experience with this thing was so horrific it was borderline traumatizing. I nearly threw up, exploded my testicles, and almost passed out. An experience far from the glittering testimonials I read through…

An experience you should never have…

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Should you get the Xtreme? (or even upgrade to one)

You ever buy something expensive online, then spend days waiting and worrying it won’t be worth it?

It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it? And that’s exactly how I would have felt had I bought the Hydromax Xtreme when I first came across it –when it first came out.

And do you know why you feel that way after buying something?

The answer is simple really –it’s because you bought too soon.

Everywhere you look there are examples of people that pulled the trigger too early and bought something they weren’t ready for, often for short-sighted reasons like sales or looks.

Perhaps the best example out there is workout equipment. You know, those $900 all-in-one fitness machines that people often lose in a dark corner of their basement… where they remain unused….

It happens a lot, and I believe it has to do with the level of understanding the person has for what they bought.

Yes, it’s easy to get excited of the possible results the latest equipment is raging about, but incredibly difficult to get them if you don’t fully appreciate the product…

Does Circumcision REALLY Reduce Sensitivity? (the results are in)

Do circumcised men experience less sexual pleasure than their uncut brethren? That question is at the heart of a passionate battle between pro- and anti-circumcision groups in the US. While those fighting routine circumcision claim that removal of the foreskin deprives a man of the most intensely sensitive area of his body, proponents of the operation argue that any loss in penile sensitivity is outweighed by various health benefits such as a reduction in the risk of contracting several types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This article looks at recent studies conducted on the importance of the foreskin in sexual pleasure.

Why Some Parents Choose Circumcision

Owing to changing views on the benefits of being ‘cut’, male circumcision rates are falling in the US. However, some believe that male circumcision has benefits for both men and women as it may reduce the risk of at least three cancers (cancers of the penis and prostate in men, and cervical cancer in women), and is also said to hamper the spread of AIDS, chancroid and genital herpes in both men and women, and bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis in women. Those who recommend circumcision note that it can help relieve balanitis and phimosis. Then there are religious considerations — many Jews and Muslims circumcise their sons owing to the faith-based requirements. This article examines the reasons circumcision is still popular.  Why parents choose to circumcise.

Get a World-class Seal With Your Bathmate

Wether it’s the extra scrotal tissue or the proximity of your nuts –some of us are at a significant disadvantage in getting a perfect seal with the Bathmate.  When I first started I had this issue too. It was a constant battle between my balls and the Bathmate –most fights ending with my testies feeling like a punching bag. It took a good year to discover that the fickleness of the the pubic zone makes for inconsistencies when doing any sort of pumping.  Some days you can get in the zone because your zone is in the zone, other days the only thing it wants to do is fight every trick you’ve learned from your own experience and others online.

Your Intro Guide to Restoring Foreskin With Tape

For men who are interested in foreskin restoration, the most common method is T-taping. The reason for this is simple: It’s quick and it’s effective. On its most basic level, tape is folder into a letter T shape. The sticky part is attached to the foreskin, with some sort of tension applied to the non-sticky vertical line of the T. This stretches the skin, creating new tissue and restoring the foreskin.